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S. C. F — , male, aet. 25. Mr. Howse. Accident, 25.
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gischen Texte, welche in Keilschrift ' erhalten sind. Zum Verständnis
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tous rash ; muttering ; lividity of lips ; involuntary discharges. Ice
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Bäuschchen brennenden Heidekrauts gewölbt, und will man sehr vorsichtig
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on its being incised ; white matter had a mottled injected appearance.
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a few hours. At the autopsy an abscess was found in the lower lobe of
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that in the second week death is often preceded by a sudden
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thun. Dem entspricht auch die weitgehende Gliederung der Indicationen,
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qui accompagne les guerres de l'Empire. Est-il irrationnel de se demander
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folgende Punkte hervorgehoben, i. Die falschen Pocken befallen Kinder
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doch keine fiir die Praxis verwertbaren Ergebnisse liefern, weil die Sache
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Abschnitt VI : Aeussere Krankheiten, § 66, Die Pocken) über die Geschichte
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les luttes contre Charles Quint, Philippe II et Marie Tudor, de celle de
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„ attempt at operation for supposed tumour, distension
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was as large as a goose-quill, and the hepatic ducts of the liver were greatly
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wohl als „pia fraus" bezeichnet werden muss. An einer anderen Stelle in
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PARALYSIS, case of, depending on diseased arteries of the
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zu zeigen, wie schändlich die Trunkenheit sei. Plutarch, Lykurg.
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ihre kastrierten Jagdhunde, denen die Weibchen nicht vollständig gleich-
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is not a point against this view, for the phenomenon has
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lo. L'atmosphère ne contient rien qui puisse ajouter à Tirritation des tissus,
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dropsy, by puncturing the legs . . .xiv (S. 2, vii) 359
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bains de sable etc. et de certaines pratiques thérapeutiques contemporaines
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that in the spleen is about that found by Hunter (1 to 0'3),
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True, there may be some evidences of repair as a sequel of
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and in the mediastinal, mesenteric, and aortic glands. There was a mass
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Afrique orientale anglaise. Nairobi, du 21 au 26 janvier ^ {2). \\. Ile Maurice,
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view of introducing it into Greece, and procured the establishment of a
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Condition on admission. — Legs everted, complete loss of power in
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cause. Delirium, as a rule, precedes it, and may be an
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cent, were in males. The highest temperature ranged
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51*^ (Bates).— M., set. 22, mason. March 28th, 1883. First attack.
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of uric acid in the system, what we want to know is the
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Recherche de Livres signifie que celui-ci peut être utilisé de quelque façon que ce soit dans le monde entier. La condamnation à laquelle vous
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valent during the second week of the disease, for 47*8 per
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teil durch ihn dieser Fehler geadelt. Aber oft darf man das nicht tun,
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reicher nachts, bald zahlreicher tags, bald auch nachts und tags ohne Unter-
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communis was greatly dilated, but the obstruction to the flow of bile had
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Both suppuration and pathological lesions of the nervous
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pairing the vitality of the injured part and thus rendering
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the mesentery. The mucous membrane covering the cyst is
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by any definite pathological change, but may of itself be
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from acute pneumonia. At the autopsy the liver was found to be
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Paterni Stacton Ad (i(enas) S(cabras) Et Cl(aritatem). — L. Caemi
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HEMATOMA in abdominal wall . . . xxxiv (S. 3, xix) 17
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Opfertiere, sondern vielmehr zum Sammeln der Gift anziehenden Fetisch-
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malatus und letzteres aus dem Angelsächsischen, in welcher Sprache ein
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firmly adherent to it, was in communication with it by two or three openings
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teristic lamination of the membranes was observed. It is also stated
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were no symptoms of tumour during life. At the autopsy a
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membrane of the stomach and intestines was congested, and there was a small,
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am achten Tage nach dem Unfall brachte, war die ganze grosse Wunde
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Sira Odd (o: Verfasser eines isländischen Arzneibuches) sdraveiki für
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1. A Scholarship of £100, open to Candidates under 20 years of age.
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der wUde Sago als allgemeines Nahrungsmittel benützt wird. Da der
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Comme prophylaxie» la commission recommande le port de chaussures,
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On the 11th there were signs of pneumonia at the left base, impaired
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band at F was seldom absent from the original urine, even
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twitchings of the head, arm, and forearm. Drowsy. Corneae dull ;